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August 20, 2013  

Join ahtcast for this interview with Winchester, Hampshire UK artist, Alastair Eales. A real virtuoso regarding process and developing simplified palette possibilities. Eales talks about how it can be tricky to maintain the spontaneity of smaller works and sketches when translated into larger work. The subject of how these sketches can bring a greater focus to larger works also comes up. His ambiguous technique may stem from his childhood memories of drawing in which Eales created imaginary worlds and varying possibilities. Listen in as we are also taken on a vivid tour through a very experimental performance piece by the artist. Welcome and enjoy.

The artist's website: http://ali-eales-artist.blogspot.com/

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)

August 15, 2013  

London based artist, EC joins ahtcast for this interview. We discuss the value of preliminary work and all of it's different forms. EC also talks about the beginnings of a painting and how "automatic writing" plays a big part of the initial marks on the canvas. Responding intuitively and improvisation are important to EC's process as well. Some great quotes shared in this one! Please listen for more.

The artist's website: http://untitledpainting.wordpress.com/

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)

August 11, 2013  

Suzanne Kammin, a Newark, New Jersey based artist, takes us into her process and thoughts on being a painter who likes to play with the reversal of figure ground only to flip it back again. Suzanne talks about the processes she uses to "eliminate the anxiety of destroying a work." She also speaks of her highly experimental past and what enjoying both representational and abstract painting can do to one's process. Listen in for more.

The artist's website: suzannekamminbaron.com/

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)

August 10, 2013  

This interview is with Philadelphia based artist, Tim McFarlane. In the interview, McFarlane mentions how he discovered art in High-School and the effect it had on him. He also describes his process, in detail, and how the computer is sometimes a part of his practice. Dealing with creative block is also part of the discussion and how he has come to accept that taking a day away from the studio can bring a "fresh perspective" when returning to work. McFarlane also shares his personal 'mantra' for when studio life needs a recharge. Have a listen for more!

The artist's website: www.timmcfarlane.com/

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)


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