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February 22, 2021  

Words of the day: gesture. narrative. emotion. abstraction. lineage.

This episode's guest is Fairhaven, Massachusetts based painter Ron Fortier. In my chat with Ron you’ll find detailed accounts of his past, present, and even what the future will hold for his paintings,...
along with a healthy list of artist from the lineage that is his rich continuing story.

Lots of materials shop talk as well as the challenges inherent to abstraction, and narrative work, as he works in both concentrations.

Ron is also the host of The Southcoast Artist Index's In Focus podcast, he shares a bit about his podcast's goal as well. Listen in for more!




Ron Fortier's website: https://www.ronfortier.net/



Thanks for listening!



(original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)


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