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September 22, 2021  

New Bedford, MA multi-disciplinary artist Carl Simmons joins me for a discussion on creative breaks, not just blocks. An art residency doing nothing, if ever that was a thing. We also talk using instagram and facebook as a venue and medium for visual art formats. How do these platforms differ for painting and video work etc.

Carl and I share a few laughs, and some serious accounts on working as an artist using one of the near only venues for showing work during a pandemic without making the episode a total downer. Besides, how could an art chat where Star Wars comes up multiple times be anything less than a galactic experience?




Follow Carl in instagram at: carlcarlsimmons



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June 6, 2021  

Welcome the The Mixed-Media Tapes! Sarah Boyts Yoder was a previous guest on Ahtcast and I thought to invite her back on the share more on the subject of parallels regarding dance and her art-practice. There was more to dig into so here we are back on the topic.

Sarah shares how dance came to her life and how she met it in the middle! Making their way into the talk are a couple quotes that are fitting for the subject as well as some wisdom coming from both dance and painting. Listen in for more!



Sarah Boyts Yoder in her studio


The artist's website: https://sarahboytsyoder.com/home.html


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April 24, 2021  

Words of the day: color. improv. hungry. iteration. attention. guru.

This episode's guest is Charlottesville, Virginia based painter Sarah Boyts Yoder. In the conversation Sarah draws parallels between music and painting, collecting visuals subconsciously through experiences outside of the studio, not to mention the practice of hoarding paint, and what the viewer can be for a finished piece of art… Sarah also shares a bit on being a mother and what the artist in her was doing while reading books to her children. And more…

We have the 'five words' question making its appearance in the interview so don’t miss that.

And keep your ears tuned in for a few questions submitted by previous ahtcast guest Fiona Stanbury, thanks for the great questions Fiona.

So listen in and welcome Sarah Boyts Yoder to ahtcast!




The artist's website: https://sarahboytsyoder.com/home.html


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March 10, 2021  

Words of the day: elemental. aspire. ambient. place. context.

Philadelphia based painter Douglas Witmer joins me for a conversation on this episode. The interview starts of with Douglas sharing some of his early experiences with art and what feeds his work most. Then the conversation focuses on his ambient album FORTY, FOR YOU, a forty track album where each track is paired up with a painting. We talk about the relationship between the music and the paintings and what Douglas' process was like changing up the format a bit within his studio practice. The paintings, as well as the music, are an invitation for contemplation... Listen in for more!




Douglas Witmer's website: https://www.douglaswitmer.com/


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(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

February 22, 2021  

Words of the day: gesture. narrative. emotion. abstraction. lineage.

This episode's guest is Fairhaven, Massachusetts based painter Ron Fortier. In my chat with Ron you’ll find detailed accounts of his past, present, and even what the future will hold for his paintings,...
along with a healthy list of artist from the lineage that is his rich continuing story.

Lots of materials shop talk as well as the challenges inherent to abstraction, and narrative work, as he works in both concentrations.

Ron is also the host of The Southcoast Artist Index's In Focus podcast, he shares a bit about his podcast's goal as well. Listen in for more!




Ron Fortier's website: https://www.ronfortier.net/



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November 18, 2020  

Words of the day: poetic. tactile. inspired. community. driven.

New Bedford, Massachusetts based painter, spoken word poet, and food enthusiast Andrew Tedesco featured on this episode!

Andrew shares in-depth accounts on decisions made, along with the struggles, surrounding art school, sticking with visual path of imagery he feels is important to talk about, poetry and painting and how they are siblings in his practice, and more.

Stay tuned...because you will also find out who he would like to entertain for dinner, and Mr. Tedesco performs some original spoken word on this recording!

Just a heads-up (interview contains some strong language)




For more from Andy check out his instagram content here: @bad_andy_art



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October 27, 2020  

Words of the day: actions. rain. process. paradox. touch.

Western Connecticut based Judith Kruger joins ahtcast for a great chat about materials and experiences surrounding the nature of her art practice.

After making many trips to Japan throughout her artistic career Judith has certainly developed her thoughts on alchemy and how it is a fitting description for her hands on methods of making art. She also has some interesting takes on the nature of what surrounds us every day...listen in for more!




Judith Kruger's website: http://www.judithkruger.com/



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(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

September 30, 2020  

Words of the day: experimental. spontaneous. blots. calm. see.

Essen, Germany based Marvin Hoffmann joins the show for an interview. We chat about the experimental nature of Hoffmann's work and how the imagery is intended to be seen without association. This is supported by his nuanced working methods incorporating limited palette choices, contrasts and dualities, and the often used process of decalcomania. Listen in for more!




Marvin Hoffmann's website: https://www.marvinhoffmann.net/

Connect on instagram: @atelier_marvinhoffmann


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(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

Words of the day: playful. organic. being. transformation. quiet.

New Bedford, Massachusetts based fiber artist and sculptor Dena Haden on the program! Dena and I share some good art talk about her inspirations, transitions, and coming full-circle back to sculptural sensibilities she experimented with as a child.

Dena also shares a couple quotes from her growing archive of collected thoughts by nature and spirituality writers. Listen in for more, especially for which artist from history Dena would like to speak with about art!





The artist's website: https://hadendena.com/home.html



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(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

Words of the day: color. scale. object. identity. character.

Nashville, TN based artist Amelia Briggs is this episode's guest, she pops in to share her inspirations and elements of her work and creative process, some cool words that she associates with her work, as well as how she chooses work for a show.

Amelia also talks about identity, the nature and history of an object, and how mirrors are becoming a new and important element in her work....and more. Listen in for more!




The artist's website: https://ameliaabriggs.com/



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(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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