ahtcast Visual artist interview conversations about process and inspiration.

January 1, 2019  

Words of the day: drawing. color. cement. time. view-finder.

Boston based painter Brigid Watson is ahtcast's guest this time around. You may remember Brigid from The Mixed-Media Tapes recordings where she spoke in depth about color, and metaphysics. I have invited her back for a full length interview about her process here on the podcast.

Brigid answers my questions about drawing, how long it takes to finish her thick impasto like paintings, and where her titles may or may not come from. She also returns to the topic of color, and composition, plus more about her process. Listen in for more!






Brigid Watson's website: https://brigidwatson.art/



(Original podcast intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)


Thank you for listening!

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