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February 24, 2019  

Words of the day: bank. relevant. trust. time. forever.

Kevin Callaghan, artist based in Glasgow, joins ahtcast for this interview. Kevin shares a bit about color and how it might just need to be dynamic in order to be released from his studio. He also talks scale as a result of my bringing up the word "artifact" when reacting to an aspect of his work.

Kevin humors me in offering to answer my "What is Utopian philosophy?" question. Somehow Rihanna's music follows us into that stream of conversation. Listen in for more! (some strong language).




The artist's website: https://www.kevincallaghan.ie/


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January 1, 2019  

Words of the day: drawing. color. cement. time. view-finder.

Boston based painter Brigid Watson is ahtcast's guest this time around. You may remember Brigid from The Mixed-Media Tapes recordings where she spoke in depth about color, and metaphysics. I have invited her back for a full length interview about her process here on the podcast.

Brigid answers my questions about drawing, how long it takes to finish her thick impasto like paintings, and where her titles may or may not come from. She also returns to the topic of color, and composition, plus more about her process. Listen in for more!






Brigid Watson's website: https://brigidwatson.art/



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October 31, 2017  

Words of the day: pink. zen. sad. challenge. change. contrast.

Sabine Tress, painter based in Cologne, Germany returns to ahtcast for this episode. Having originally been interviewed back in 2013, I thought it was time to check in with Sabine to talk about changes, feelings on the studio, paintings, methods and materials, relationships to other artists etc.

You'll find this recording to be more of a collaboration between Sabine and myself. Custom questions were brought to the table on this one that investigate collage, color. nature, dead painters...and more. Listen in!





Sabine Tress' website: http://www.sabinetress.de/



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Words of the day: brushstroke. animate. palette. blue. technique.

New Bedford, Massachusetts based artist Kat Knutsen joins ahtcast to talk about her experience working on the Loving Vincent film. Loving Vincent is an animated film, telling an important part of the Vincent van Gogh story, using oil paintings created in the style of the artist himself. 

Working at the film's painting studio in Gdansk, Poland for a number of months, Knutsen was immersed in the production that turned out thousands of paintings for the project. Kat painted upwards of 80 oil paintings for the film herself. Mixing. mixing, mixing, and even counting paint-strokes at times as her paintings came together. Listen in for more!



Above: Kat Knutsen's working space while painting for the film. Character featured is Dr. Gachet.



Kat Knutsen's website: http://katknutsen.com/home.html




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Words of the day: perimeter. definition. koan. bottomless. whir.

Welcome to part two of the interview with Katie Wynne. Katie is based in Philadelphia and is currently installing work for her two person show, with Haynes Riley, titled "Familiars" that opens at Sediment Arts in Richmond, Virginia on Friday April 7th 2017.

In this episode we discuss, at length, elements of the installation as part of Familiars. We also extend the conversation to include some of the inspiration affecting studio life, especially where the work is and where it could be going. Thanks for joining us.



Kaytie Wynne's "Perimeters." Also part of the show: Familiars



Katie Wynne's studio shot of the work (partial) headed to Sediment Arts for the 2 person show titled: Familiars.




The artist's website: http://katiewynne.com/home.html




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Words of the day: stasis. gizmo. banal. abandon. escape.

Welcome Philadelphia based installation artist, Katie Wynne. Here during part one we weave through some of the work leading up to Katie's latest work in her forthcoming two person show, with artist Haynes Riley, titled "Familiars" at Sediment Arts in Richmond, Virginia on April 7th 2017.

We will discuss where Katie is coming from with the work, as well as my interpretations. Thanks for joining us.



Installation view of "Workday" by Katie Wynne



Installation view of "Workday" by Katie Wynne



The artist's website: http://katiewynne.com/home.html



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January 23, 2017  

Words of the day: shape. spontaneous. line. palatte. materials.

Welcome. In this episode, Woodstock, NY based artist Petra Nimtz shares thoughts and experiences in art making, and maintaining a studio while moving around over the years. She also has a thing or two to say about art training, both in school, and on ones own. Petra gives us a window into her inherent practice that utilizes creative freedom in the sweep of her studio. Listen in for more!








The artist's website: http://www.petranimtz.com/



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September 25, 2016  

Words of the day: drawing. ubiquitous. immortalize. conflict.

Wichita , KS based painter, Kevin P. Kelly shares his thoughts and working methods used in his Sketch Of the Day project. Irony, humor, and tension are just a few elements considered when picking objects to paint for Kevin in this series. Listen in as he describes the deconstructing of objects in his compositions and what that means to him as the artist. Thanks for listening! (some strong language).



(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

Words of the day: discovery. palindrome. jazz. illusion. intuitive.

Oakland, California based artist, Kimberly Rowe, is the guest for this interview. Kimberly shares elements of her working practices including working on the floor, for larger pieces, which stems from her childhood, how a specific song helps to shape her painting philosophy, and the importance and lasting impression Graduate School has in her studio time to this day. Listen in for more!



The artist's website: http://www.kimberlyrowe.net/

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February 3, 2016  

Words of the day: formal. direct. witty. freshness.

Ahtcast is back. This time I spoke with NYC artist, Joanne Freeman. Inspirations, community vs. isolation in art school, and working in a series are all the topics discussed. Listen in to Joanne as she also shares her thoughts the formal qualities of painting, she also talks a bit on working with the figure, yes.



The artist's website: http://www.joannefreeman.net/

(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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